Never Scared Song lyrics - Lil Mosey latest song

Never Scared Song lyrics - Lil Mosey latest song

Never Scared Song Credits 

Song: Never Scared
Artist: Lil Mosey

Never Scared Song lyrics

Yeah, yeah, oh
Ayy, Royce (Oh)
Ayy, Royce (Oh)
Ayy, Royce (Oh)
Ayy, Royce, you did it right here

Rich nigga to the right, you broke, get over there (Broke, there)
I was really runnin' since a baby was never scared (I was runnin')
I'm the biggest nigga in my city, could be the mayor (Be the mayor)
And I'm so godly, but I'm still gon' say a prayer
I be gettin' bread now, got a new chain and bust down (Bust down)
Ask me how I got here, yeah, I don't know how
Now a nigga up, yeah, they know now (Y'all know)
All my niggas reckless, yeah, what are you 'bout? (Grrat)

Diamonds hittin' hard with no flash, yeah (Flash)
When I had no bread, I stayed with masks, yeah (Stayed with masks, ayy)
First place with my niggas, you get last, yeah (You get last, nigga)
We just get this money, then we dash, yeah (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)
I be smokin' big dope, it's a fact now, yeah (Smokin' gas)
Fuckin' with my nigga, we leave you flat down, yeah (Leave you flat)
If you talkin' stupid, you get smacked down, ayy (You get smacked down)
I got hoes on me, I brought my racks, I'll pay (Lil' bitch)
Talkin' like you got bread, you got nothing (You got nothing)
We ran down on you, you started running (Bitch)
Never been a bitch, I never fold in (Oh yeah)
I can't fuck with rats, I never talk, yeah (Never talk)

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